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Connect with
your inner POWER

Immerse in the profundity of
yourself through the power of drums

An opportunity to free your body, express your heart, empty your mind and awaken your soul

I have created a new and effective method under the influence of my ancestral Andean culture to embrace yourself and light your inner power

Are you ready for self-connection?

-  Illari Arbe -




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this for?



A place to express your soul and heart through singing, dancing and drumming, empowering yourself as an complete and powerful woman


work teamS

Fostering an environment where team members connect on a deeper level, exploring the depths of emotions and conscious spirituality, embracing diversity and individuality 

MEN & women

A gathering to connect with and to balance the feminine and masculine energies. Knowing them, understanding them and honoring them











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Shamanic - Djembe - Cajon - Drum Set



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La Mujer Tambor

"When I hit bottom I realized that I had to stop giving power to the external and light my inner shadows"

Hello, my name is Illari and as many of you I went through difficult situations in my life, some of them very life extreme experiences. I started playing the drums when I was 10 years old and found in rhythms a refuge and emotional vent of a painful childhood and a youth full of abuse and self-destruction. Six years ago my spiritual path began, I had a deep breakdown in my life and decided to leave everything and move to a remote house in the Sacred Valley of Peru to immerse myself into a deep healing journey. Through the shamanic drum and the djembe I was able to reconnect with my heart, recognize my divine essence and work on forgiveness, self-love and self-compassion. I started to experience the magic of conscious dancing and found through it the medicine to unblock memories and release energies that were holding me back. In response to the calling of plant medicine I got to know my darkest shadows and be able to embrace them and light myself.  Now all my knowledge is at the service to help others to find themselves, and to reconnect with their pure essence and inner power.

This is a new and effective method created by my ancestral Andean influence to embrace yourself

and light your inner power through Drums and Music.


Working with the drums for self-connection with love and inner power

Practicing conscious dance to embrace the inner child and unblock the energies in your body

Using the singing circle to empower your voice and open your throat chakra
Sharing circle for relating life paths in a non-judgemen
tal and safe space 

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Alexandra Medina

It has been a pleasure to attend the circles with Illari, I have a wonderful opening experience with mirror women who open their hearts and move a lot of energy in all the others. With the accompaniment and monitoring of Illari and her way of awakening sharing through her dynamics and obviously the sound of the drums and rhythms that we learned, that look at our girl is wonderful, thank you for everything.


Male Sumac

Illari, I appreciate that you have spent time with us and have supported me in fulfilling a dream that I had: learning to play drums. I really enjoy seeing all of us sing, play and dance joyfully and happily. Not only my adult, even my inner child feels very happy.

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Genoveva Arquinio

Being in a circle of women is the most precious thing I have been able to experience in the course of my time. Each one has been a mirror for me and that is gratifying. I have learned to know myself a little more and I have been inspired day by day but above all to love myself. I had forgotten the phrase: 1st you, 2nd you and 3rd you without forgetting me to help others. Thanks everybody.


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