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A place for self-connection and femenine-masculine energy balance


Men & Women 
Peruvian Rituals & Drum Healing


  • Sharing Circle & Intention Setting

  • Group Dynamics

  • II.

  • Singing' Circle with Instruments

  • Body Movement

  • Drum&Sound Healing

  • Sharing Circle for Closure

What will you work?

Inner conflicts

Fears and prejudices of yourself

Demotivation and disconnection



Emotional dependence


Security and confidence

Connection with your intuition and purpose

Strengh and fidelity to yourself

Freedom and passion

Healing your inner child

Are you ready for self-connection and balance your masculine and femenine energy?

This circle will be a space for deep connection, the connection to yourself and the connection to those around us. You will heal and listen to others in a safe space where you can be yourself without any judgment. You will peel off layers of pain that still hold you from being fully authentic empowered being. This is the moment where you can let go of your emotions, your thoughts, your struggles and honor your own experiences. If you can talk about it you can heal it, allow yourself to shine your truths, your emotions and vulnerability in a place full of brother and sisterhood. Any expression is very welcome.


The Magic of Music Therapy:

With the power of music we will work on our self love, self expression and confidence through singing, playing and dancing. This therapy can also bring you back to your childhood and traumatic experiences locked in your unconscious, so the magic begins.


February 11th

11:00 - 14:00


Supporter 20€ / Normal 17€

I want to be tribe

Are you ready for a life changing experience?

Thank you for your trust
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