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Shamanic Drum from the Sacred Valley of Peru 

Symbol: Chakana 
The chakana or Andean cross, a word of Quechua origin, means "staircase to the highest".
The symbol is a "tawachakana", a four-sided staircase, represents a means of union between the human world and what is higher, our connection to heaven and earth.
The four main arms of the Chakana represent the 4 directions on a compass, the 4 elements (earth, water, air and fire), but also the four seasons.
It also represents the Southern Cross, or Crux, one of the most characteristic constellations in the southern sky.

Symbol: The flower of life: 
Is a primary element of life and is part of the sacred geometry. Within this ancient symbol are all the building blocks of the Universe and represents the connection of all life and the spirit of the Universe.

Chakana & Flower of Life

  • Cow skin 
    Size: 45cm 

  • If you want to ensure the quality and sound of a drum, we highly recommend purchasing it in person. Here are some reasons why buying a drum in person can be advantageous:

    1. Sound Testing: When you buy a drum in person, you have the opportunity to play and test the drum yourself. This allows you to assess the sound quality, resonance, and tone to ensure it meets your preferences and needs.

    2. Physical Inspection: In-person shopping allows you to closely inspect the drum for any defects, imperfections, or damage that might not be apparent in online photos. You can also assess the quality of materials, hardware, and craftsmanship.

    3. Expert Advice: The drum expert can provide valuable advice, recommendations, and insights on the different drum options available. She can guide you based on your skill level, style of music, and budget.

    4. Comparing Options: Being in a physical store allows you to compare multiple drum models side by side. You can directly compare the features, sizes, and finishes to find the drum that best suits your preferences.

    5. Immediate Gratification: You can take the drum home with you right away, avoiding the wait for shipping and potential shipping-related issues.

    6. Return Policy: Non-Returnable Items

    By purchasing a drum in person, you can make a more informed decision and ensure that the drum meets your expectations in terms of quality and sound.

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