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Shamanic Drum 
Building Workshop

Develop the bond with yourself and experience the medicine of the drum

Workshop to build your own drum with a meaningful purpose. 


If you are here is because you are listening to the calling of your Shamanic Drum as a necessary tool for your growth and spiritual expansion. 
Allow me to bring your powerful shamanic drum into life. 

This workshop is aimed at all who wants to connect with their inner and spiritual power. The Shamanic Dum is the door that leads us to the reunion with our ancestors, with our spirit, with our hearts and for women with our creative womb.




DATE: July 15th

TIME: 10:00 - 14:00

PLACE: Prenzlauer Berg, Berlin


- Construction materials -

We will use beef leather, wooden rings and goat leather for mooring. We will practice gratitude to connect with the spirit of these powerful animals. ​


- Singing circle -

We will connect with the shamanic drum playing it

and singing with it

- Meditation -

I will guide you trough a deep meditation to connect with your own purpose

- Drum Energy Cleansing -

With the Medicine of The Drums

I will balance and clean unblock

energies in your body

- Baptism Guide -

I will give you a guide for the Baptism of

your drum. After 7 days you will be

able to listen to its first sound and honor it

through a meaningful ceremony 


PAYPAL: @welldrum

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