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In addition to being a percussionist, I use musical composition and making video clips as other means to send important and necessary messages to our society.

Single "GRITA MUJER" 2022

Grita Mujer "Scream Woman"
Illari Arbe: Lyrics and Music / Video editor

A song for all the women, to sorority and sisterhood. 

Single "14 NOV" 2021

14nov "November 14th"
Illari Arbe: Music P
roduction / Video editor
Arboles: Lyrics

A tribute for the lost of this protest. 

Thousands of Peruvians have taken to the streets again in rallies against President Manuel Merino, while his interim government continues to defend as "constitutional" this week's abrupt ouster of former president Martin Vizcarra.

Protesters jammed many plazas in downtown Lima in the afternoon, with demonstrations beginning peacefully but growing more intense by early evening.

Single "Estamos en ti" 2020

Estamos en ti "We are inside of you"
Illari Arbe: Lyrics and Music / Video editor

A tribute to all the Peruvian artists who have been affected by the 2020 pandemic.

EP "What's Next?" 2012

AYNI Festival Consciente-19_edited_edited.jpg

EP "What's Next?"
Illari Arbe: Music & Lyrics

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