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Experience the power of sisterhood

through sharing, playing, dancing and singing

Women's Circle & Cacao Ceremony
w/ The Power of Drums


  • Sharing Circle & Intention Setting

  • Shamanic Drum Cleansing

  • Sisterhood Dynamics


  • Drum & Singing Circle 

  • Rhythm Rebirth (4 Dance Stages)

  • Drum & Sound Healing

  • Sharing Circle for Closure

Cacao ceremonies can be a powerful tool for spiritual exploration and connection, is known as a heart-opening plant medicine. It contains compounds that can increase blood flow, release endorphins, and promote feelings of warmth and love. During the ceremony, you may experience a sense of emotional openness, enhanced connection to themselves and others, and an opportunity for healing and self-reflection. This ceremony combined with the sound of the drum allows you to connect directly with your heart and  your mother's womb, allowing a unique and deep experience working on self-love and finding your inner voice. This Cacao I have brought it from San Martin, The Jungle of Peru and my beautiful country. 

This circle will be a space for deep connection, the connection to yourself and the connection to those around you.

We will listen to each other in a safe space where you can be yourself without any judgment, this sense of belonging and connection can be very transformative and empowering. Subtly you will peel off layers that still hold you from being a fully authentic empowered being. This is the moment where you will be able to express through singing, dancing and playing drums; working on your real and authentic inner power.



🌙  Sharing Circle & Intentions:

A place to set your intention of the night and honor your own path without judgement.

🌙  Shamanic Drum Cleansing:
Drums are considered sacred instruments with a spiritual essence. Cleansing and purifying with drums is done to remove any negative energy, stagnant vibrations, or unwanted influences that may have accumulated over time. The process is intended to restore the body's energetic balance and connection with the divine.


🌙  Sister Bonding: Listen to the stories of powerful women mirrors and share with them what you are ready to release  in community, raising your voice and practicing sorority.


🌙  Singing circle with drums: Connect with your voice and your heart through the power of shamanic drums.

This is the moment to go back to your roots and feel the power of your ancestors and The Grand Mother Earth.


🌙  Rhythm Rebirth Dance: Experience flowing through your dance with live drums  and unblock the memories your body has been carrying.    We will work through 4 movement stages: Flowing / Bonding / Chaos / Reborn.

This is a NEW EXPERIENCE and my own method inspired in the drum medicine and tribal dance.

Through live drums you will feel the strength and motivation to let yourself be and let your intelligent body move as it needs to, releasing what it needs on the dance floor.


🌙  Drum Journey: Close with a deep drum healing journey to process the messages you have received and reborn in      the new YOU.

There are no steps to follow, no choreography to learn, no way to do it wrong. The only requirement is a body that is still breathing, a heart that is still beating, and mind that is still curious.

Are you feeling the call of the medicine of the drum?


July 1st

18:00 - 22:00



Milastr. 4, 10437 Berlin


For a more personal and transformative experience

Pre Sale: 66€ (until 28.06)
Normal: 77€

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Alexandra Medina

It has been a pleasure to attend the circles with Illari, I have a wonderful opening experience with mirror women who open their hearts and move a lot of energy in all the others. With the accompaniment and monitoring of Illari and her way of awakening sharing through her dynamics and obviously the sound of the drums and rhythms that we learned, that look at our girl is wonderful, thank you for everything.


Male Sumac

Illari, I appreciate that you have spent time with us and have supported me in fulfilling a dream that I had: learning to play drums. I really enjoy seeing all of us sing, play and dance joyfully and happily. Not only my adult, even my inner child feels very happy.


Lucía Wasel

Thank you Illari, super guide 🔥🔥 Your circles have been a party, it has been a beautiful and very powerful experience.


Diana Avedikian

I am very happy to fulfill the dream of learning to play my djembe. With Illari the circles are dynamic, happy, with a lot of rhythm and flavor. She is an excellent and demanding teacher and it is good that she is, so in a short time of learning we made a successful presentation

Captura de Pantalla 2022-09-25 a la(s) 12.54_edited.jpg

Genoveva Arquinio

Being in a circle of women is the most precious thing I have been able to experience in the course of my time. Each one has been a mirror for me and that is gratifying. I have learned to know myself a little more and I have been inspired day by day but above all to love myself. I had forgotten the phrase: 1st you, 2nd you and 3rd you without forgetting me to help others. Thanks everybody.

I wan to be part

I want to be tribe

Are you ready for sharing with other women and to heal in community?
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